Weight Loss Goal Achieved! Here are the Results:

At the beginning of March 2017, my weight hit 280 pounds and i decided i needed to do something. I began an eating lifestyle change called OMAD (One Meal A Day). Here is a link to my post containing information on what OMAD is and how to do it:

In depth post about OMAD.

Here is a summary of everything that has happened since beginning this lifestyle change in March 2017:

  • My weight has gone from 280 to 200
  • My pants size has gone from 46″ to 40″, and the 40″ pants are starting to get a little loose
  • My shirt size has gone from XXXL to XL
  • My Cholesterol numbers are now: Total 180, LDL 89, HDL 62
  • My Triglycerides for the first time in my entire life are in the normal range at 145. In the past they have been as high as 1200 and even in my 20’s they were in the 400’s.
  • With my doctor’s permission, i have reduced my medications as follows
    • I’ve gone from 3 blood pressure meds to 2 and my blood pressures fluctuates around 120/70 now
    • I’ve gone from 150 units a day of 2 kinds of Insulin to no Insulin
    • I’m taking half the dosage of cholesterol medication
    • I’m taking half the dosage of stress/depression medication
  • I’m sleeping better and i’ve decreased the pressure on my CPAP machine
  • I move better and feel better
  • My BMI has gone from 40.3 “morbidly obese” to “obese” and now to 28.8 which is just “overweight”

My new goals for the next year:

  • I’m going to continue with OMAD, but maybe relax a little with a few more occasional splurges
  • I’d like to eventually get down to 180 pounds
  • I’d like to fit in a Large size shirt comfortably
  • I’d like to get into 36″ pants comfortably.

Don’t get discouraged:

I hit plateaus twice during the 15 months. Once at 242 pounds and once at 208 pounds. Both plateaus lasted about a month with no weight loss. Your body is changing as you go through weight loss, and there absolutely will be times when it seems like nothing good is happening. Just stay with it. Once your body settles in at the new weight point, you will start losing again.

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