Time and Life Management, Take 2

I’ve deleted the original post i made about Time and Life Management. I’ve been working hard on the ins and outs of posting PDF files and Audio Files, as well as learning how to edit and tweak audio files to remove dead spots and make the file easier to listen to.

Please give this new version a try and also, please leave me feedback in the comments or by using the Contact John option about how everything works for you.

In working on this post, I’ve listened to and scrolled through it 3 times and i actually think this may be one of the best lessons i’ve ever taught. If you feel overwhelmed with just too much going on and feel that it will never get better, please listen to this. Share it with your friends. I think there are some important and practical things here.


Below is a link to download the PDF file of the books i speak about in the class. I’ve added the book i mention near the end of the lesson The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read concerning rest.


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