Life Changes

This week Jan and I began the process of adopting our grandson’s half-sister, Hailey. Hailey lived with us for more than 4 years when she was younger, but then her mom got into drugs and other things and she’s been passed around from relative to relative for the past few years, never really having a home. We wanted to adopt her last year, but she was in the foster care system and we couldn’t work it out, but now things have fallen into place and we’ve begun the process which hopefully will be finalized in the next few months. Meanwhile, during this process she will get to live with us beginning sometime in mid-March.

This is Hailey and Dylan making Christmas cookies with Jan this year

Hailey is 8 and in second grade and Dylan, who is Aaron’s son, is 4 and they’re great friends. We’ve been getting Hailey on weekends for the past year. Aaron has full custody of Dylan now. Dylan’s mom is also Hailey’s mom, but Jan, Aaron and I have no blood relation to Hailey. Nevertheless, we’ve loved her since she was 1-year-old and are very excited that Dylan and his sister will now be able to grow up together.

This is Hailey and Dylan at Dylan’s 4th Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese

Right now, our biggest concern/problem, is that we need to get a 4 bedroom house so that Hailey can have her own room. The adoption people will allow Dylan and Hailey to share a room for the rest of this year, but she needs her own room before January 1, 2018. We’d appreciate your prayers and also any networking help you might be able to provide as we look for a house to move into by year-end. Our lease goes through December 31, and they will not let us out of our lease without paying a substantial penalty.

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