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I read a LOT of blogs written by other people. It’s kind of my version of reading short stories. I enjoy the way that people can place snippets of their lives out there for the whole world to see. I often aspire to this type of writing, but i fall woefully short in my ability to open myself like these bloggers who i’m recommending do.

I have a page on my blog which i update every so often where the blogs of those people which i most value are linked with an explanation of what their blogs are like. The link to that page is in the menu bar just under my blog heading graphic. It’s called Blogs John Recommends. You really should take a look at that page and read some (or even all) of the blogs there.

You also might notice that just to the left of that page button is one that says John’s Goodreads Book Reviews. I read a lot of books. An eclectic mix of Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Mysteries, Theology and technical books about computers, software and audio/music. I also love biographies, probably more than any other single genre. Please take a look at that page every once in a while. It has excerpts of book reviews i post on Goodreads. I was recently awarded this:



Back to blogs (yes, i’m rambling). I am going to copy and paste the content of my Blogs John Recommends right here to make it extra easy for you to find some great stuff to read. You’ll enjoy these blogs. Really.

CarolineDuvall is written by a young woman from one of my favorite families in this world. A year or so ago she moved from Jacksonville to live on a farm in Tennessee with her aunt and her grandmother. Her adventures and encounters in becoming a farm girl are truly fun to read and she has a serious gift for writing expressively.

Life from the rear-view mirror is written by one of my oldest friends. We grew up one block apart in the same small upstate New York town and went to school together from 3rd grade until high school graduation. He sang at my wedding. His blog is written as bits of wisdom and experience based on things he has learned from his struggles in life.

Honeycomb Comforts is written by a new friend from my church.  We had a somewhat painful and emotional two-day event at our church last year to try and heal some leadership issues and some hurts in the congregation.  She impressed me with her piercing insight and discernment and she writes a great (though infrequent) blog.

PhilipYancey.com is written by author Philip Yancey. I began reading his columns in Christianity Today i think, back in the 1970’s and then his books starting in the mid-1980’s. His books tend to challenge accepted ideas and he offers educated and powerful looks into things which can actually change how you view life and circumstances. He’s written Disappointment With God, Where Is God When It Hurts, What’s So Amazing About Grace?, The Gift of Pain and many other outstanding books. His blog is just as good, though he only posts about once a month.

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