Update on eBay and 5k iMac


It has been 3 weeks since i last made a blog post. I’ve been spending all my time focusing on selling my CD collection to raise money to buy the 5k Retina Display 27″ iMac and also reading this 2″ thick tome Switching to The Mac.

I can announce success on both counts! I am typing this blog post on my new iMac, and i completed reading the book which i highly recommend to anyone switching from the Windows world to the Mac world.

In addition, my experience selling on eBay has been surprisingly positive. With only a few small glitches I’ve sold my most collectible and expensive CDs. I still have a few hundred plain old normal CDs left to sell, but everything is going very well and I have a number of very satisfied customers.



I am extremely impressed with the iMac. Briefly, here are the high points:

  • The display is simply incredible. Bright. Sharp. Crisp. The blacks are the deepest darkest blacks i’ve seen on any monitor anywhere. In fact, this is easily the best computer monitor i have ever seen or used. For someone with bad vision, this is a HUGE deal. Seriously.
  • The Mac OS X operating system is very different from Windows and in almost every case, that is because it is better, more flexible and more capable, especially with regard to graphics and audio.
  • The hardware itself is in a universe of its own. The aluminum case the computer and display are in is solid and light. No plastic in sight other than the actual keys on the keyboard (which are set in an aluminum frame as is the trackpad). The Mac has superior audio output because of better audio components as well as the way the operating system handles audio. Mac’s cost more than Windows PCs, but it is my opinion that it is more than worth the cost for the far superior hardware.

I’m very pleased with the time and work it took to make this transition. I would do it again in a second.

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