Epistles of John – Week 9 – 3 John 9-10

This week we are continuing our look at 3 John. We examine verses 9-10 of 3 John where the elder brings up a conflict with Diotrophes and we begin to talk about how it applies to us.

This post contains everything from week 9 of the Adult CE class at Eastside Community Church in Jacksonville, FL. This is from a series on the three Epistles of John (1 John, 2 John, 3 John) which will run weekly through May.

Below is the Presentation. You can page forward and backwards through this while listening to the audio.


Here is the audio from the class. Just click on the play button.

Here are the handouts. You can download each pdf file and read it or print it out.

The handouts are for all of 3 John

3 John Readings   

Summary of 3 John   

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